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Can you recall the date you purchased your most recent pair of eyeglasses? If the year feels a little fuzzy in your memory, it could be time for a new set of ophthalmic frames. Even when your eyes appear to seeing without any trouble, your vision could be playing tricks on you. Vision problems often progress so gradually that patients may never realize they are even having difficulty seeing, and will continue to change well into adulthood due to the rise of technology and its use in our day to day lives. Fortunately, you can always find the care you need to see your best with Spokane eyeglasses and examinations at the welcoming offices of the Vision Arts Eyecare Center.

Optical wear is a necessity for seeing clearly, and keeping it updated can make all of the difference in your visual health and day to day life. In the past it was believe that vision problems would plateau once eyes ceased growing, as many common optical conditions occur due to genetic inheritance from imperfections in the natural shape of the eye. However, the use of LCD screens in today’s modern world on a constant basis cause eyestrain to occur. Just as your muscles can become exhausted and injured due to holding weights for too long a period of time, so too can your eyes exhibit problems when using a computer screen for other LCD powered devices for long hours at a time. Eyestrain causes loss of blinking, dry eyes, and can even cause further vision loss when optical prescriptions are not kept up to date. Headaches and squinting are common symptoms of eyestrain. For these reasons, patients need to be receiving an eye exam at least once a year to insure their Spokane eyeglasses are always kept up to date. Patients over the age of 40 will often need to purchase special progressive or bifocal lenses to treat presbyopia, an additional vision problem that occurs with age, as well as their previously diagnosed optical condition. The right pair of frames can also make as much of a difference in your vision as your lenses can. Special active wear styles are reinforced against damage to keep up with athletes, while children’s Flexon frames provide increased durability that parents can count on.

For the very best in Spokane eyeglasses, be sure to visit the state of the art practice of the Vision Arts Eyecare Center. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff strives to make vision care affordable for our patients with 30% off your next pair of frames simply by mentioning our website. With a wide selection of eyeglasses to meet all budgets, you can be sure to find the care you need to see clearly with the Vision Arts Eyecare Center.

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