Liberty Lake vision test

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Liberty Lake eye care

A comprehensive eye exam here at Vision Arts Eyecare Center succeeds in giving you the peace of mind of knowing that your vision and ocular health are as good as they can be, or that if you do have a concern that it’s being addressed promptly. Our eye doctor conducts an array of useful and essential tests, which include slit lamp, refraction assessment, visual acuity test, indirect ophthalmoscopy, and tonometry. Just one visit to our office each year is all that is required for most people.

 Liberty Lake vision test

There are two goals when you come in for our Liberty Lake vision test. The first one is to ensure that your vision is the sharpest and clearest you can have. Toward that end, you will be given a visual acuity test, which is basically reading from an eye chart and having our eye doctor evaluate the results of it. If you have eyeglasses or contact lenses right now, be sure to bring them with you. Another component, the refraction assessment, involves trying out how well you see with different strength lenses over your eyes. The prescription you get for corrective eyewear will be based upon the outcome of the test. Some of the other parts of our Liberty Lake vision test are applicable to the diagnosis of eye diseases, many of which produce no obvious symptoms until they become advanced. That’s why it’s so important to have an annual examination. Tonometry is the baseline test for glaucoma. A slit lamp exam is the equivalent when it comes to detecting the presence of cataracts. And with indirect ophthalmoscopy, issues related to your retinas are easier to determine.

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