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Finding the Right Eyeglasses for your Face Shape

Wearing eyeglasses improves your vision, but you should also have a pleasant and cosmetically beneficial experience with them. Here at Vision Arts Eyecare Center, you will receive individual attention when it comes to assisting you in selecting the frames that will go around your corrective lenses. And one aspect of making a choice that is not considered as much as it should be is finding the right ones for your face shape.

Of course, you need to begin with a comprehensive eye exam. Once per year, all adults should get a checkup that succeeds in determining what your current vision needs are. Without the sharp and clear vision you deserve, it wouldn’t matter how attractive our Liberty Lake eyeglasses are. Once your prescription has been written by our eye doctor, you can bring it our optical department. Everything you require is housed here at one location. While your lenses are being made, browse through our collection of designer frames, bearing the names of the most trusted and recognized brands in the eyewear business. Options include those from Izod, Marc Jacobs, Silhouette, Ellen Tracy, Nautica, and Nicole Miller, among others. Let us help you to choose a color that compliments your skin tone and hair color, along with a style that matches up with your personality. Flashy is not for everyone, and neither is subtle. Fortunately, we have those and selections that are in between. Our Liberty Lake eyeglasses will also be right for your face shape. Nearly everyone has one of six basic shapes, and by deciding on the frames that are shaped so as to make you look your best, you’ll feel much more positive about the final product.

Call our office to book an appointment for a comprehensive eye exam and to pick out the right frames for your face shape. You’re going to love your new Liberty Lake eyeglasses.

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