Liberty Lake contact lenses

Liberty Lake Contact Lenses

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Your decision to wear our Liberty Lake contact lenses is one that you make for your own reasons, which may be that you like your facial appearance unchanged, or that you appreciate the anonymity of them. No one knows you’re wearing them unlike when you choose eyeglasses. Whatever goes into you making your selection, at Vision Arts Eyecare Center, we want you to feel positive about wearing contacts, which is why we are pleased to provide our contact lens exams and fittings.

Eyeglasses don’t touch your eyes, but our Liberty Lake contact lenses do. It’s because of this that they provide a more natural vision, but it’s also why a contact lens exam is so essential. It’s a simple, but necessary precaution. Your conjunctivas, corneas, or eyelids could become irritated by the friction between them and the lenses due to a problem that was not noticeable before you started. It’s far better to make that discovery before you get our Liberty Lake contact lenses. It’s possible that the situation can be resolved with treatment. Or you may determine that eyeglasses make more sense given the circumstances. Either way, our contact lens exam is a proactive measure. Moving forward, having a fitting will further enhance both your vision and your comfort. We carry various types of contact lenses, so try on different ones and see which feel best in your eyes. Also, the proper centering of the lenses makes certain that you get the very most out of the prescription as written by our eye doctor. Maximum sharpness and clarity is what you deserve.

Simple reach out to our office and let us schedule a time for you to come in for a contact lens exam and fitting. You’ll find a handy “request an appointment” tab at the top of our website. Just click on it. Prefer to call? You can book your visit that way, too.

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