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Laser Eye Surgery in Spokane WA

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Laser surgery in Spokane WA

Laser Eye Surgery in Spokane WA
Laser Eye Surgery in Spokane WA

At Vision Arts Eyecare Center, we know how important it is for eyesight to be healthy and focused at all times. Without eyesight, we run into many challenges and disabilities. That’s why we’re at the top of our field when it comes to laser eye surgery in Spokane WA. Laser surgery is a revolutionary technique that allows us to perform micro-surgery inside the eye and to fix problems and diseases that could lead to blindness. Laser surgery also serves as a way to see better, as evidenced with the popular LASIK surgery technique.

Cataracts are caused by clouding in the lens of the eye. As the cataracts progress, impaired vision may happen as a result. Cataract laser eye surgery in Spokane WA removes the clouded lens and implants an artificial lens in its place, creating clearer vision. Cataract surgery can be done in under an hour and patients are usually in and out of the office quickly. Local anesthesia is used, and after the procedure most patients experience very good vision. This type of laser surgery is common and done in our offices. Patients are in and out same day, and usually need someone to drive them home.

Glaucoma surgery is quick and simple and can be done in our offices by our trusted eye surgeon. Call our offices today for an appointment for your laser eye surgery in Spokane WA. If you are looking at LASIK surgery, we should schedule an initial appointment to make sure you are a candidate for this type of laser surgery. Most people who have LASIK done achieve their full 20/20 vision back after the operation. Some people still need to wear corrective lenses, although they can see better afterwards. Come in for your annual appointment today. Keeping track of eye health is the best way to ensure eyes are seeing clearly for years to come.

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