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Dry eyes in Liberty Lake

Eye doctor in Liberty Lake
Eye doctor in Liberty Lake

Dry eyes aren’t just a winter problem. They can cause complications all year long, so turn to us at Vision Arts Eyecare Center for the help you need.

Under normal circumstances, your eyes produce enough tears to keep your eyes properly lubricated. The concerns begin when your eyes are not able to make the ideal quantity of them, or the quality of your tears are not sufficient. Our eye doctor in Liberty Lake will conduct a thorough examination of your eyes, and may also include two specific tests. One measures the amount of tears by using blotting strips of paper beneath your lower eyelids. The other test gauges tear quality, with specially dyed eye drops. The good news is that our eye doctor in Liberty Lake has answers for you, and in most cases they are simple and painless. Artificial tears is the treatment of choice, and it can be had in either regular or prescription strength, depending on your circumstances. Surgery may be an option that is considered, but only when artificial tears and environmental changes are not effective in getting the desired outcome. Among those changes are avoiding things that contribute to dry eyes, such as wind and cigaret smoke (including second hand smoke). You should also stay away from air-conditioning. And a humidifier can be an essential tool in combating dry eyes by adding needed moisture to the air. It’s important to understand that as uncomfortable and frustrating as dry eyes can be, the condition is not a threat to your long term eye wellness or your vision.

Why deal with dry eyes when there’s something you can do about it? Our recommendation is that you contact our office right now so that we can schedule you for a convenient appointment to come in and be examined by our eye doctor in Liberty Lake.

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